what's next for the web & vr


mike blix · @mkeblx


long term…    
    the metaverse

Snow Crash cover

low friction, seamless experience, no downloads, immersive*, runs everwhere

"The web is the Metaverse ... just with a 2D interface"

-Vladimir Vukicevic, creator of WebGL and MozillaVR Lead

VR browsers are the bridge to get there.

Samsung Internet for Gear VR

-what? VR browser bringing open web to VR

-based on our mobile browser, Samung Internet

-iterating: Nov'15: Beta, March: 1.0 release, latest: this week

user base for Samsung Internet for Gear VR

May 2016 - 1M+ active Gear VR users

50%+ of Gear VR owners are active S.I. users

in top X apps on Oculus store

primarily VR/360 video content

integrated VR video player

YouTube, other video sites, your site

360°, 180°, 3D, 2D, TB/SBS, …

HTML5 video

VR formats should be 1st class citizens on web

one of easiest way to view+share video in Gear VR

1. take video 2. put up on website 3. add tag

  <video src="gear-360-vid.mp4" controls 
type="video/mp4; dimension=360-lr"> </html>

latest update · 4.2

available as of tuesday

new functionality:

  • file browser, w/ USB support
  • skybox api
  • multi-language support
  • improved video support; 180°
  • highly requested, easy delete history
  • 3D audio

more to come

file browser

view local VR videos and images

file browser · USB access

access USB drive · new Gear VR HW

skybox API

change skybox in VR environment

experimental, enabled by default

skybox API ex:


      window.SamsungChangeSky({sphere: 'blue-sky.jpg'})

use cases

  • 360 photo tours
  • match webpage content / theme
  • preview of WebVR content

further API details coming very soon


Javascript API for VR devices

access HW => Render scene w/ WebGL => display in headset

experimental W3C spec & implementation, can enable


WebVR · ShopifyVR


WebVR · Quake

-using BT gamepad / keyboard input

WebVR next steps

improve performance

finalize 1.0 spec

turn on by default

what's next

  • other APIs bridging VR environment & webpage like Skybox API
  • progressive apps apps (PWA) for VR
      -offline usage
      -'App-y' install with icon
  • user/developer requests, let us hear them

W3C Workshop on Web & VR


standardized input methods, declarative scene APIs, 360 video, WebVR, accessibility, standards

.detail what covers, who attend etc.

submission deadline: sept 16

workshop: oct 19-20

Samsung Semiconductor

San Jose




stop by for a VR demo

mike blix · m.blix@samsung.com


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