VR Video on the Web

laszlo gombos, Samsung


Samsung Internet for Gear VR

core use case => VR/360 video content

integrated VR video player

YouTube, other video sites.., your site

360°, 180°, 3D, 2D, TB/SBS, …

HTML5 video

VR formats should be 1st class citizens on web

1. take video 2. put up on website 3. set attribute w/ format

  <video src="gear-360-vid.mp4" controls 
type="video/mp4; dimension=360-lr"> </html>

current format support

non-standard, currrently

  dimension=3d-lr: Side-by-Side 3D Video
  dimension=3d-tb: Top-to-bottom 3D Video
  dimension=360: 360˚ Video
  dimension=360-lr: Side-by-side 3D 360˚ Video
  dimension=360-tb: Top-to-bottom 3D 360˚ Video
  dimension=180: 180˚ Video
  dimension=180-lr: Side-by-side 3D 180˚ Video
  dimension=180-tb: Top-to-bottom 3D 180˚ Video

W3C Workshop on Web & VR


standardized input methods, declarative scene APIs, 360 video, WebVR, accessibility, standards

.detail what covers, who attend etc.

submission deadline: sept 16

workshop: oct 19-20

Samsung Semiconductor

San Jose




stop by for a VR demo

mike blix · m.blix@samsung.com


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